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Diego Da Pra  -  CHEF


Like almost all mortals, Diego was not born as a cook, as a young man what he did was paint glasses for a company in his country.

His motivations and desire to know and learn led him to Dublin where  That is where his love for La Cocina is supposed to begin, well ... making sandwiches, but it was already a beginning.

He continued his route through Scotland and finally arrived in Catalonia, where he began his career as a cook in La Tana del Lupo, and as a good Italian, they told him, ... hey! your! to the pizzas !.

His spirit of knowledge led him in a short time, already working in the Alvariño de Mataró restaurant, to be head chef.

Finally, the URH Hotel in Mataró counted on him, as head chef for more than 7 years.

His cuisine is from everywhere and nowhere, it is based on those traditional cuisines but with a personal touch that is easy to see and appreciate.

But what is clear to him is that you should always work with what you have on hand, fresh and in season, is the only way for his dishes to have that flavor that we all want to enjoy.


Marcia navarrete

Ferdinand  "black" Mansilla


Together with Diego Da Pra, curious about the world of  gastronomy are the creators of Saborós.

They come from the world of image and design.

Marcia is an interior decorator and Fernando is a graphic designer.

Together they were the ones who led the Saborós interior design project.

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